I signed up for a free account but can only see 14 days of forecasts, why?

There are several reasons you might only be seeing 14 days of forecasts:

1. You might not be on the proper tab - The QuickCast page only provides 14 days of forecast information for all locations. This tab is meant to be a sort of "snapshot" of the upcoming, short range weather. Historical and Long Range weather forecasts can be accessed under the Calendar and Charts tabs.

2. You might not have access to that location - When you register with your email address, you gain access to historical weather information and 30-day forecasts for one location, which you select upon registration. If you selected "Bethlehem, PA 18017" during registration but have searched "Allentown, PA 18101" you will only be able to see 14 days of information since Allentown, PA is not your default location.

3. Your account is not activated - At the end of the registration process, you should receive an email containing a link to activate your account. If you do not activate your account, you will only see 14 days of information for all locations.

4. There is something screwy with our website - As with any website, things sometimes go wrong. While we're usually very diligent about catching and fixing these problems, one can slip through every once in awhile. If your account is activated and you're viewing the correct location under the correct tab but still only seeing 14 days, please contact and we will work to fix the problem ASAP!


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