Where can I find the long-range forecasts with my Small Business, Golf, or Agriculture Plan?

The long range, 11-month ahead, weather forecasts can be accessed through the following tools within your Dashboard: Calendar, Charts, and Tables.  Each of the tools on our website come with a video tutorial that can be found at the bottom of the dark grey panel on the left side of the screen. These tutorials are a good way to get better acquainted with how to use the tools and thus your account as a whole. If you have any questions that these tutorials do not cover, please contact for assistance. Please note that there are 3 very useful tools housed under the Charts tab, so be sure to check them all out: Year-over-Year Trends, Temp & Sky Trends, and 26 Year Trends.

In addition to the long range forecasts for your chosen locations, your paid plan also comes with short range mapping – available under both the Maps and Interactive Maps tabs. You will see that the Interactive Maps offer a wide variety of Forecast Variables, from temperature to soil moisture.

The base plan does not include Long-Range Mapping. The reason long range mapping is not included in the base plan is because it provides you with access to the entire country rather than just your 2 locations. Please contact for more information.


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